Every round goes higher and higher with Ricky Dillard and New G! It is no secret that they are my favorite gospel group! BREAKTHROUGH seems like it’s the very BEST one so far! The production was phenomenal and the vocals cannot be matched!

Here’s my take on some of my favorite tracks!


“Up There” is an understatement!!! The way New G is literally UP THERE!!!! I love a good repeating BOP!!! That’s when I usually “get happy”. That last up there split tho…WHAT KEY IS THAT?!!?! Basically, a song that the angels CANNOT sing!! I haven’t enjoyed an “Up There” song like this since Mark Hubbard!!! WE NEED MORE OF THIS!!! #NewG #Anybodywannagotoheaven #Bratpack

“Redeemed” is absolutely a Youth Day march in song!!! That 80’s/90’s vibe is really strong!! I can imagine it being back in the day with the tenors singing and clapping as hard as they could with their hands cupped! Altos and Sopranos with finger waves and stacked bobs to the heavens!! Shantell Hankerson surely made Dr. Mattie Moss Clark proud cause as she drove that “my soul has been redeemed” line! Took us all the way back to UNAC with the Southwest Michigan State Choir! Professor Iris Stevenson (the G.O.A.T.) had the national choir go over it one time in rehearsal but we never sang it during the service. She knows how to write a song! A perfect addition to another Ricky Dillard hit!! This track has definitely has had my Jeep bumpin!!! #NewG

“I’m Free” Leave it to Ricky Dillard to take an old classic and put that NEW G flavor on it!!! Not to mention my friend, Tyree Poon Miller II!!! Sheeeesh!! And quit asking who is the woman that sang with him…please!!!! That’s all him!! I agree with Kelly Price, “I appreciate how you handle your voice…delicate and powerful!” He’s got RANGE, RANGE!!! I was amazed before Sunday Best and New G! Now the world shall know who you are!! Thanks for presenting your testimony in song. It’s only UP from here!! #NewG #MiltonBrunsonisproud

“Keep Going” Ricky Dillard definitely “brought Thomas Whitfield back” on that “Keep Going” track!! Sheesh!! That “He won’t leave you” line just takes me to a place! I still get chills just like the day of the recording!! This is definitely my go-to inspirational song! #keepgoing #NewG

April Hall…I wanna say that’s the post, but I must elaborate on the power and simplicity of this song!! It’s heavy on the THANK YOU! Those light New G blends are heavenly. That “to me” line takes you right into the Holiest of Holies! That exhortation at the end gets us right where we need to be. She made us think and thank! “Even if you had it, He restored you!!! He didn’t let you die!…” What an amazing follow-up to “The Lifter.”#ThankYou #NewG