Songs You Love but No One Ever Sings Them

There are millions of gospel songs out there, however, many ministries/choirs limit their selections to just their favorite songs or the top ten hits! 

Many of the songs I love and know every word to, rarely-to-never show up in church services around the world. 

One project in particular in comes to mind with a lot of great songs that I rarely hear sung is James Hall’s “You Are Not Alone” (Live at Foxwoods).  In my mind, that’s a sho nuff black you out song! I was blessed to hear the original lead sing it at Bishop Kevin Bond’s Consecration service. Mother didn’t not fail me! Watch here!

Another amazing track from this project was led by the Late, Great, Tunesha Crispell – For the Lord is Good! What a sweet refrain with a great build! Since many of us have downsized since the pandemic, this would be perfect for an ensemble!

What songs do you love but you never hear sung?